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It’s Friday night, and Tessy is so excited about this party. All her friends would be there; she’ll get to meet new people and maybe even land a new date for the next weekend. She whistled and swayed her hips as she looked for the perfect outfit.

A few minutes later, dressed in her favorite shoes and dress, Tessy was ready to slay totally. She looked good, smelled well, and she definitely felt good.

She took one last look in the mirror, and she decides she needed more lip gloss. Her hand stopped midair as she noticed something strange with her hair for the first time in weeks.

She took a closer look and placed her fingers on that spot and smoothed out the tangled hair there. As heart gripping as a horror movie, the hair in that area fell off. Tessy couldn’t believe what had just happened to her. She looked at the strands of hair in her hands, and she concluded they were at least up to a hundred. How would she go for this party with her hair looking like a drunk barber cut it?

She picked her brush and tried so many styles that would cover up the bald spot in her hair, but none of those styles could fix the problem. This is worse than a bad hair day. She thought. She was going to call in sick and not go to the party, instead of going and looking like a crazy person.

Like Tessy, you may have experienced massive hair loss in the past, or it may be recurrent, or it may have even become a regular thing for you. Each time you brush your hair, some strands get stuck in the brush, and it is usually not a few strands.

A couple of factors such as wrong hair products, inadequate diet, illness, drugs/ medication, STDs, parasites and even headphones are proven causes of hair loss. All these factors lead to thinning of hair which is also called, “hair miniaturization.” Taking a closer look at how these factors actually cause hair loss will help you live healthy and intentional lives.


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