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Hair loss is a natural phenomenon which happens to people of all ages, especially the old. There are several factors or conditions that may lead to hair fall. The adult human on the average loses about 60-100 strands of hair daily. This is quite normal for all ages, but a deviation from this number means there is a serious challenge. In Los Angeles, you can book an appointment at a hair clinic to see a hair doctor. Hair doctor in Los Angeles are always ready to attend to you,and during your trip to the hair loss specialist in Los Angeles, you are expected to be as truthful as possible to tell him/her the cause of your follicular. The effect of hair loss can be seen in hair loss cartoon.

Coping with hair loss is something that can lead to shyness and depression if not well catered for. While some individuals may end up going totally bald, there are however some exceptions to these cases. We advise you join a hair loss association as you are likely to gain the support you need for your hair lowering challenge and also have your Lamictal hair loss grow back.

Hair loss in humans should lead to a serious concern since the hair plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the body.

Functions of the Human Hair

The function performed by the hair is dependent on the location of the hair in the human body. These functions are discussed below;

  • Protection: the hair on the head protects the scalp against the burning effect of the sun and heat, the eyelashes, protects the eyes by keeping the foreign materials away.
  • Temperature control: the hairs on the body and the nostrils are a vital tool for temperature control. They do this by trapping air or sweat which cools down the body.
  • They are connected to touch receptors which enable us to feel


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