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Body functions/lifestyle/hormonal imbalance: This type of hair loss occurs when a certain lifestyle practiced by an individual is not favorable to the growth of the hair.

Some of these causes of hair loss are just mere speculations or myth and the truth in it cannot be ascertained. Although a speculation, some of them should be treated with all caution as this can lead to someone going bald for the rest of his or her life. Some of these body functions and lifestyle include;

  • Ejaculation hair loss
  • Growth hormone hair loss
  • Hair loss masturbation
  • Hair loss progesterone
  • Marijuana hair loss
  • Masturbation and hair loss
  • Masturbation and hair loss
  • Masturbating and hair loss
  • Medroxyprogesterone hair loss
  • Progesterone hair
  • Weed and hair loss
  • Wheatgrass hair loss

While hair fall may be a normal function of the body, it is, however, important to take note of some serious reasons why we must take hair fall seriously. Here are some of the reasons why our hair fall serves as pointers to what goes on in our body system. It is a symptom of an underlying medical condition which may require serious or urgent medical attention.It may be produced as a side effect to a particular drug which may not go well with your body system. It can lead to an individual going bald for the rest of his or her life. It can lead to depression hence, the need to remedy the situation as fast as possible.

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