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Oрtіоnѕ fоr Eуеbrоw Rеѕtоrаtіоn

Eyebrows have a role in communication. The muscles underlying the eyebrows help to modulate the look and thus participate in the expression of feelings such as joy, fear, anger, sadness, astonishment and disgust. These expressions also involve all of the facial muscles. The eyebrows have a protective role to the eyes as they protect them from the sun, protect them from water runoff such as rain or sweat, and create a barrier to external aggression such as sand or dust. This protection is achieved by a movement of the eyebrows when they frown.

When we talk about treatments to recover our hair, we usually place ourselves in the head area, looking for solutions from areas where we notice a clear loss to the most marked alopecia possible. But more and more people are looking at other places in our body with hair, looking to improve their appearance as much as possible. It is the case of the eyebrows, often ignored and left a little at your own devices. Over time they have been transformed into a more essential element of our appearance, working on them as if it were the most important part we have.

This trend has been promoted in recent years thanks to the development of capillary micrografting techniques, a technique that does not stop rediscovering itself as new demands are created in the field of aesthetics. The specialized centers are increasingly committed to being able to satisfy any need that you have, which includes the recovery of the hair in your eyebrows.

What treatments are there to recover the lost hair in the eyebrows?

Micropigmentation on the eyebrows

One of the simplest and most recurrent methods is that of micropigmentation on the eyebrows, although you must bear in mind that it is not used to recover hair. With this treatment, we you camouflage small areas where you have lost it. If it has affected a large part of the eyebrow or its totality, the result will not be satisfactory, having to look for much more specific methods.

This is where you find the hair graft on the eyebrows, where you will really get a few bushy eyebrows and with the amount of hair you want. Like any other transplant, hair is used from other areas of our body, specifically the nape of the neck and sometimes the back of the ears. Because the hair of the eyebrows is so particular, in the intervention, people tend work with great care to respect the undulation and the line of growth of the eyebrow, achieving in all cases a natural appearance.

The anesthesia used is local, being able to quickly recover your habitual rhythm of life. It does not leave a scar, and the biggest risk you run is the inflammation of the area for a few days. In turn, the small crust that is created will be lost gradually in a few days, taking in two weeks approximately the aspect you were looking for.


Tattooing is one more option, which many transplant surgeons say is inferior to transplant surgery eyebrows. Tattoos, up close, are not natural looking and after a while can turn blue. Eyebrow restoration surgery proves to be a better option. In 2006, only 3 percent of all hair transplants were eyebrow grafts, according to the British Columbia News Service. But by 2008, this procedure has increased by 35 percent.  Many people underestimate the importance of eyebrows, says restoration surgeon eye surgeon Dr Grant Koher. Not only do people look weird without eyebrows, but you also lose some of your ability to communicate non-verbally when you do not have them. Most people do not realize how important the eyebrows are to the face until they are missing.


It has its origin in the Tébori, a Japanese manual tattoo technique, where the pigment or ink is implanted in the epidermis, achieving an exceptional result without the pigment deteriorating. The treatment is done “hand-raised”, with an instrument similar to a feather that is laying trace by trace the pigment in the superficial layer of the skin. The estimated time for full eyebrows is approximately 45 minutes.


The eyebrow transplant is another alternative in many cases; usually, prefer women between 40 and 50 years. Actually, it is a fairly basic intervention: Hair from the nape or from the temples is obtained, about 150 and 300 per eyebrow, and they are placed respecting the direction and the natural aspect.

Reasons people lose eyebrows

People can lose their eyebrows through physical trauma, such as a car accident or burn. Some diseases or medical treatments can cause people to lose their eyebrows. Some people have a congenital disability to grow eyebrows, while others tear them to the point of permanent loss.


Before an eyebrow restoration surgery, your doctor will evaluate you to see if you are a good candidate. For example, if your eyebrow loss due to trichotillomania – an obsessive disorder picking – you should be treated or cured of this to make sure that you will not be tearing off the new hair. If an illness is the reason for your hair loss, you must have the disease under control for the restoration of the eyebrows to succeed. And, if a burn is the reason, you may first need reconstructive surgery before having eyebrow restoration surgery.

The 5 mistakes to never make again with your eyebrows


It’s hard to stop once you start tweezing your eyebrows. But stop, we put down this clip! Too much hair removal, you may prevent the regrowth of your hair. In addition, it will be very difficult to find the initial shape of your eyebrows. A little “cleaning” from time to time is more than enough. To do this, remove only the hairs that protrude from your natural eyebrow line.


The eyebrows bring character to the look. As a result, if they are too far apart, it can change the expression of a face. It is therefore important not to touch the head of the eyebrows during hair removal. Clean only the space between the two eyebrows, taking as a reference the bridge of the nose.


Do not forget that the modes pass. To have a harmonious face, stay natural! Do not try to create a Kim Kardashian style bow while your eyebrows are straight. Keep your natural curve!


Makeup can work wonders, but be careful not to abuse it. If an eyeshadow or pencil can fill sparse eyebrows, having too heavy a hand can make them unsightly. Yes to makeup, but sparingly!


This is not to be wrong! Choose a pencil a little darker than the color of your hair. For blond hair, you will need a dark blond pencil. For red hair, choose a pencil with auburn reflections. For darker hair, take a brown pencil. Especially no black pencil!

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