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You are not alone, you have no control; over 60 million men and women in the United States, are experiencing hair loss and looking for a hair restoration solution that’s right for them—congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.

Our doctors are the most experienced hair restoration expert, providing proven permanent hair transplant techniques and non-surgical hair loss solutions.

Our technique, our method and the equipment we use make us the leader in the hair restoration industry.

Thousands of men and women have done this technique and to answer the question about safety, our equipment is safe for your hair loss and hair restoration.

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The advanced hair transplant techniques  are facilitated and done by Smart Graft equipment and FUE procedure; which is Follicular Unit Extraction that is widely considered to be the most effective option for restoring hair because it’s permanent, a relatively simple procedure, and it achieves a natural look and you do not see any scars and we do not cut part of your skin to harvest the hair follicles.

Our doctors are using next-generation hair-by-hair restoration technique. FUE procedure is the best approach and creates a seamless transition as soft and silky as the original hairline, with results that look completely natural and undetectable.

During FUE PROCEDURE WITH SMART GRAFT EQUIPMENT, the physician first harvests the hair follicle from the healthy hair on the body and move the healthy hair follicles to the area of the head or face including eyebrow and bearded that is thin or bald due to the hormone DHT.

The procedure for the hair transplant is consist of grafting anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand grafts, it all depends on the patient’s hair loss pattern and the amount of hair needed to fill in thinning areas or the patient’s eyebrow or bearded.  Each of the hair follicle extracted from the patient’s donor area is carefully transplanted into the scalp in the recipient area to match the patient’s previous hair growth pattern, the new hair that is transplanted will grow as usual in a normal way and giving natural healthy looking patterns.


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